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Investing in sales and marketing

Updated: May 25, 2022

5 reasons why marketing is important for your brand.

In a world where competition is growing more and more, marketing plays an important role when it comes to companies or brands that want to develop, stand out, tell their stories and get in touch with their audiences. In other words, marketing responds to many different market challenges by building brand awareness, by increasing sales, by offering engagement with its customers, partners and not lastly, by growing the business itself.

The role of marketing is so broad that it is difficult to list absolutely all the benefits it offers in the short, medium and long term. Therefore, is this an impossible mission that I’m trying to do? I don’t know. Let’s see! I’m looking forward to receiving your feedback! Thank you in advance!

Marketing informs

Essentially, it helps you spread the information that you want to make known about your brand, products or services. By that, you will educate your audience. Your public understands your values, your goals and that’s how it will become curious about your brand and what it has to offer. Once people become interested in what a brand offers them, they will buy more from it and they will talk more about it, which means it will be more often recommended.

Marketing builds brand awareness

This goes hand in hand with visibility. Brand awareness refers to when consumers are familiar with a brand or with its products or services. Basically, it says how memorable and recognizable a brand is to its target audience. Outstanding strategies and content, qualitative products and services which meet the needs of the target audience and the qualities that distinguish the product from its competition make a brand memorable and recognizable.

Marketing offers engagement with your audience

Whether your brand talks about a new release of a product or a service, whether your brand is running a new campaign or maybe it is just there for its clients and partners, ready to react and answer when they need information, that means your brand is engaging with its audience. In the past, the engagement process was much more done face to face, when you were entering a store, when you were greeted or when you just received a sample of a product or a discount coupon. And these are just a few examples.

Nowadays, in-person engagement is not enough anymore, especially during a crisis or in a pandemic period like the one we’ve all been experiencing for quite a while. Customers and partners need to feel a connection with the brand and that should continue also after the customer has walked out the door. How is that applicable? Through a website, through a Social Media presence, through interaction with the public and continuous feedback.

Marketing increases sales

Yes, the ultimate goal of any business is to sell what it offers and marketing is an essential channel to reach that end goal. Without a marketing strategy, that becomes harder and harder to achieve in our digital era. And there’s no point if you exist, as a brand, but people don’t know or hear about you.

Marketing grows your brand or business

All of the above points lead to this. The fact that you build a reputation, that you’re creating engagement with your audience and that the number of sales increases, shows that your business also grows. Of course, your current customers should always be your main priority because they are the people who trust you the most and they are ready to be directed to new desired brand actions.

In addition to it, marketing efforts will help you expand this base of people. Some marketing strategies, like Social Media campaigns or email campaigns can not only engage existing consumers, but spread the word to new potential customers. In essence, marketing secures your business’s future through new and old customer engagement.

So, why do we think marketing is important?

Let’s think about “short term” as something that has immediate effects and “long term” as something that has effects that can be seen in time.

That being said, on the short term, you’re exposing your values and visions, you’re just being there, you’re in contact with your customers, you’re interacting with them, while, on the long run, they start being more and more interested in your brand, they appreciate the way you treat them, the quality and interest you offer. And that’s because your brand starts to be seen in a specific way by your audience.

Short-term and long-term strategies have different processes and goals and they need different practices and implementing tools. The best approach is to have the short-term strategies included in the long-term ones. This way, you’re doing little steps to achieve your brand’s larger goals.

For example, some short-term marketing strategies could be using ads, organizing events or doing posts on Social Media. The first one could drive the targeted audience to your website (where you could present a new product, for example), the second one could show your customers that you’re interested in getting to know them better, while a few posts on Social Media can be part of a short/medium-term strategy (if it’s a specific campaign) or they could be part of a long term strategy (if that’s how you intend to communicate with your public from that moment on).

But, of course, all of these can be part of the bigger picture - the long-term strategy. Branding, Social Media, SEO, content marketing, all of them can be part of a long-term strategy. For example, branding (that is more than a logo and a slogan) shows about your brand, what it is, what people are thinking about it, how they feel about it and so on. SEO and content marketing are also strategies that can be analyzed after a longer period of time, after you see how the public reacts to them and change what is necessary to.

How can we help you?

We are a team of highly skilled sales and marketing professionals located in Cluj-Napoca with more than 15 years of experience for each team member. We have backgrounds in IT sales, marketing, branding, advertising, digital marketing, graphic design, video production and communication. Most of our customers are from the DACH Market, USA and Romania.

What will our collaboration look like?

Firstly, because we know each business is unique, we need to identify your needs and priorities. After that, we will develop a strategy based on these specific needs and we will trace out strategic tactics in order to fulfill the objectives. The next steps would be development and implementation.

Follow up and consultancy after every step of the way will give trust and confidence to both sides, in order to maintain a consistent business relationship.

We deliver professionalism and quality solutions and we do not aim for quick wins, but for solid long-term achievements.

If you think you should grow your business, Kaaymedia has a whole team with expertise that will help you with the following:

  • Sales strategy;

  • Marketing collaterals;

  • Advertising;

  • Web Design & Development;

  • Design collaterals;

  • Marketing & Communication Strategy;

  • Copywriting & Content writing;

  • SEO Planning & Content creation;

  • On-demand development.

Also, we will find the most suitable sales strategy for your company by considering the following activities (performed by our dedicated sales consultants or your own team):

  • Social Media profile set-up;

  • Content distribution;

  • Community management;

  • Monitoring;

  • Research & cold outreach;

  • Network maintenance;

  • Organizing online & offline meetings;

  • Recording, editing and distributing vlogs;

  • Organizing webinars;

  • Attending events for service and product promotion.


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