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Multiplicity opening different doors

Updated: May 25, 2022

Nowadays, we all want to see the results, as quickly as possible after running a specific campaign or after developing and implementing a marketing strategy. Since the goal of every business is to sell, to reach real customers, conversions and revenue, we believe it’s not as efficient to invest in short-term solutions as in the long-term ones.

Long-term commitment

That being said, your marketing strategy shouldn’t be a one-time choice. It could generate fast results, but most of the time it takes effort, time and expertise in order to achieve the long-term goals of your business. And because we consider that this kind of strategy should have more steps and approaches divided into different periods of time, at Kaaymedia we come up with such a customized work plan for the needs of each customer that we have.

The options that we have today

Starting with a simple company presentation, a landing page or a fully functional website and continuing with ad campaigns, content strategies (texts and videos, like articles and vlogs), online and offline events, influencer marketing and even unto partnerships, adjustments and improvements on the journey - all of these can be part of a marketing strategy for long-term results.

The way your brand is presented and the way it is perceived, plays a major role in reaching customers.

What are paid ads and organic content?

A paid ad campaign provides a quick strategy for increasing brand awareness, website traffic, engagement with a community and so on, depending on the objectives. A paid ad is when you have money behind it. That ad spend helps you reach a larger, more targeted audience. Paid ads will show up in the feeds of whichever audience you decide to target (based on demographics, location, interests etc.).

Organic content is when you’re making posts for “free” on your business page (if you don’t count the time you spend on generating the content). When you make organic posts, it only goes to a percentage of those who follow your page and your posts will be shown to more people as your audience shares and engage with them.

The best choice when it comes to sales and marketing strategy

Since all businesses are different, we don’t have a standard recipe that guarantees success and you probably shouldn’t let anyone promise you that. But we think that a very important aspect is diversity. Organic content, paid ads, as much as the options we mentioned above would make up an integrated whole. Diversity means that you will want to be present and active on all possible channels (online and offline), where your target audience is. This way you will maximize the possibility to reach as many people as possible in your target audience. Also, diversity in the actions and approaches of a brand will keep the public curious, interested and it won’t get bored, but on the contrary.

Why paid ads can not be enough?


You need both paid advertising and organic content working together to create an effective marketing strategy. You can post organically and turn that into an ad. That organic benefit of those followers who are liking, commenting and sharing before an ad gets posted to a cold audience (an audience that has never heard of you before). The more shares you get, the better rates you pay for your ads. Social networks want engagement so that users stay on their platforms longer. Likes, comments, and shares on your Facebook ads are calculated as a sign that people like your ads. Ads that get activity will get more visibility, more often.

What is our sales and marketing strategy?

At Kaaymedia, we have a strategy covering both active/passive sales and marketing strategy. For active sales, we focus on networking, campaigns and events, while passive sales are achieved through articles, news, websites, social business networks, customer referrals and so on. 70% of our strategy is based on marketing (content, SEO, materials for presales, sales and case studies, advertising, materials for events and websites strategies), involving human resources too.


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