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We all are mini-influencers

In today’s world, whoever wants to express what he/she thinks, has a few immediate options at disposal. These options are all the Social Media Platforms we can think about: Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, LinkedIn, YouTube, WhatsApp, Snapchat, Pinterest, Spotify etc.

About Social Media Platforms

All these platforms have a few advantages, such as being cost-effective, helping you grow a community, increasing your income at some point (from the content creator's perspective) and increasing the visibility and the awareness of your brand (from the perspective of a brand). In order to achieve the advantages we mentioned earlier, those platforms require much time, constant dedication and presence, knowing how the algorithms work and what’s the best content you can post for your niche. You constantly have to try and test what is the best approach to get closer to your community.

Different categories of influencers

It is well known that there are four categories when we talk about influencers: mega-influencers, macro-influencers, micro-influencers and nano-influencers. It seems like the only distinction between these categories is the number of followers, but we think that the differences arise from several perspectives. We don’t want to dig into this subject too much today, but it could be a great topic for a future article. Instead, we will focus on the last two categories, since they’re included in what we think mini-influencers are.

What do we think a mini-influencer is? Presence and activities.

A mini-influencer is every single person who shares on such platforms what he/she thinks about a specific subject, event, or domain, and who is always in touch with the local, national and/or international news. These people like to open discussions with those who follow them, to share information from their personal or family life or they are passionate about something and choose to talk about it (lifestyle, beauty, cooking, politics, parenting, business, exercising and so on). So, why are these people called mini-influencers? This is because they are constantly present, they engage with their followers and they are authentic by letting their followers know exactly the way they are.

Content creation and distribution

Content creation is creating the content that you want to share with your public. Content distribution is the process of sharing, publishing and promoting your content. It's how you provide your content to your audience members for their consumption through various channels and media formats. The greatest ace of mini-influencers (micro- and nano-influencers - depending on the size of the market) is that they have the potential to engage audiences around topics that are specific to a particular interest. Also, they tend to be experts in their area and have followers because of their unique, specialized interests and approach.

Staying connected

All these being said, even though you consider yourself an influencer or not, we believe that staying connected with your audiences or customers is one of the main reasons why people are coming back to you, to use the content or the services that you make available to them. You should stay connected with your people as demands arise during the journey and not just directly during the request itself.

How can we help you do that?

We do not aim for quick wins, but for solid long-term achievements. That is why, at times, the way must be prepared for a strategy that will deliver long-term results.

Therefore, we make a journey map customized for each client we have. For the first month, we will create a landing page, a company presentation and we will develop a set up and roll out of active sales strategy. After that, we think it is important to discuss remarketing and Google Ads Campaigns, we will analyze the keywords and make an SEO plan. The following step would be developing a content strategy (with all this implies - copywriting, creation and distribution). For the 4-5 months, we will focus on boosting the visibility (through events, webinars and partnerships). Next, we will do a continuous strategy with improvements and reporting, based on support design and website content, recording, editing and distributing vlogs.


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